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Paris Brown

The Baltimore Times, Inc.
Associate Publisher

Paris M. Brown, Associate Publisher of The Baltimore Times, leverages her 20 years in business development and marketing to guide the news outlet towards a digital-first strategy, significantly boosting digital revenues through innovative campaigns and tech-based revenue models. She actively integrates advanced technologies like AI, VR, and AR to create engaging, interactive content.

Focusing on strengthening partnerships and enhancing integrated solutions across print and digital, Brown has led the Times to substantial growth in social media engagement, achieving over 200K interactions with a base of 10K followers by utilizing digital campaigns, video and dynamic imagery.

Committed to innovation, The Baltimore Times continuously explores new ways to engage its audience and expand its reach through strategic events and partnerships, markedly increasing its brand recognition. The publication champions positive community stories in Baltimore and initiatives that improve residents' quality of life. Notable projects include partnering with Maryland Cycling Classics and transforming newspaper boxes into promotional billboards, boosting community visibility and impact.

Paris Brown
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