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Chealsea Wierbonski

Group Product Manager

Chealsea   Wierbonski is a seasoned technology leader and Group Product Manager at   Google on the News Ecosystem team, leading Publisher Monetization and   Audience Growth. Prior to her work on the News Ecosystem team, Chealsea spent   over 20 years working in Digital Display Advertising, going all the way back   to the start of her Ads career at DoubleClick in 2001. 

During her 20+ year   tenure, Chealsea has been passionate about building and launching products   that help publishers create successful and sustainable businesses through   digital advertising, reader revenue and many other diversified revenue   channels. Chealsea is excited to speak to the LMC community about all of the   upcoming innovations on the Reader Revenue Roadmap in 2024!

Chealsea Wierbonski
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