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Ben Bouslog

VP, New Business Development

Ben Bouslog is the Vice President of Business Development at AdCellerant, a pioneering technology and sales enablement firm dedicated to delivering top-tier digital advertising solutions to local businesses. 

With a rich background spanning operations, marketing, and sales across various media sectors including broadcasting, print, agencies, and technology firms, Bouslog brings over eight years of invaluable experience to his role. During his tenure at AdCellerant, Bouslog has been instrumental in shaping the support infrastructure, driving growth, facilitating scalability, and providing comprehensive training in digital media for hundreds of media companies and tens of thousands of businesses worldwide. 

His unwavering passion for the digital landscape informs his mission to simplify digital strategies, empowering media companies to enhance their revenue streams and profitability. For six consecutive years, his efforts have propelled AdCellerant to secure a coveted position on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list. Originally hailing from Iowa, Bouslog now resides in New Orleans, Louisiana, alongside his wife, Mallory, and their growing family.

Ben Bouslog
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