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Annika Toernqvist

Sonoma Media Investments
Chief Digital Officer

Annika Toernqvist has worked in the news industry in various leading digital content positions for the last 15 years. In her current role as Chief Digital Officer at Sonoma Media Investments, she focuses on creating value through the intelligent use of digital tools, technologies, and processes across the media organization.

Annika's career in online content has spanned startups and Fortune 500 companies across Europe and the U.S. Notably; she served as an executive producer for, a role that saw her contribute significantly to the success of one of the largest news sites in the U.S.

Sonoma County-based Sonoma Media Investments is locally owned and covers the North Bay. Its daily flagship, The Press Democrat, has the largest newsroom between the Golden Gate Bridge and the Oregon border. It won the Pulitzer Prize in 2018 for breaking news coverage of the Tubbs Fire, in which social media played a significant role.

Annika's career is marked by her early forays into the Internet landscape. She broke new ground in Sweden and even authored a children's book on Internet usage, later translated into German. Her innovative spirit continued as she co-wrote a Swedish book about the boom in Silicon Valley, aptly titled Digital Goldrush.

Annika has a business degree from Uppsala University, Sweden.

Annika Toernqvist
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